Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer has whizzed by. I spent today teaching in my ranch studio and finishing up number eight of my small studies for the Tiburon Art Festival. My original goal was to paint twelve new ones but I think I will have to stop at ten to give a few days to be completely dry. I am going back to grad school in two weeks and am very excited/nervous. I am looking forward to being challenged and I am hoping to add portraiture to my abilities.


A Week In The Life Of A Redhead said...

We need to get together for coffee girl! Even with all this craziness I am sure we can find some time even if I have to come to you!
The paintings are amazing as usual...

Anonymous said...

Hi Wen,

Grad school? Why is the father the last one to know (good for you!!).


8 Women Dream said...

Hay - our girl hasn't been blogging! Not like you are busy or anything like with Grad School, teaching, your studios, raising a family, painting, participating in 8 Women Dream...;-)
Hugs, Catherine