Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holiday Art Sale

Getting ready for my second annual art sale.  This year several of my artist friends are joining me at my Sebastopol Art Studio. Great art and there is something for everybody! 

En Plein Air Again

After grad school, which I spent the majority of my time painting late nights in my studio, I found myself struggling with getting myself outside painting.  Plein air painting was what originally made me want to be a painter. It was the adventure of not knowing what I was going to paint and all the discoveries that came from the exploration of new territories. It made me see light and color with "new" eyes.

Then there was that exhilaration of racing time and capturing a moment. Those paintings, unlike my studio ones, bring me right back to that day's experience where almost all my senses are engaged.  Happy to report that I am plein air painting once again with a small group of painting buddies. The above was painted last month in Tomales.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An Amazing two Months, Got my Mojo Back

The last two months flew by following a turbulent year, and I am happy to report I found my groove again. This fall, I recommitted to trying some plein air competitions.  It has been awhile.  Grad school followed by a job change along with family and jc classes, I was overwhelmed. So I started slow, and entered a Mendocino one and Capitola.
 They were wonderful!  I got to explore the west cost North and South and met to really kind and generous people.  Plus I got paint ten hour days!
 Here are a few paintings from the events.

Catch Up from September

The 2015 Great Petaluma Paint Out was a success.  We had over thirty amazing artists turn out and create some beautiful artwork around Petaluma.  Thank you to all the businesses that contributed including: the Three Twins Ice Cream, Aqus Cafe, Dempsey's, Powell's Sweet Shoppe, RileyStreet Art Supply, and Basin Street Properties.