Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finding Inspiration

  Today  was a fabulous day.  The sky was clear and summer was kind  with just the right amount of heat accompanied by a soft breeze.  Plein air painting reminds me of why I became a painter.  Sonoma County is breathtaking!

Just a few days ago I was cursing my latest work.  I am entering my final semester of grad school and am buckling under the pressure. My last two pieces were painted without joy.  I even started to wonder if I really know how to paint at all.  When I get to that level of frustration,  I remind myself that it takes that energy to have a breakthrough.

  For me finding inspiration sometimes just takes removing myself from a pattern and going a new direction. So today I removed myself from the studio, got up extra early to catch the morning light and set off to the local tractor haunt.  It was just what I needed to rejuvenate.  Inspiration found!

This is about half done. I will post the finished piece in a few days....

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