Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Sunday Tapestry

  Life is an amazing journey. Recently I heard it described as a "tapestry" with all those wonderful moments woven in with the tragic ones. For me, this struck a chord. I have known for awhile that it is the sorrowful moments that let one appreciate joy and visa versa.  I sit this Sunday morning writing to you, surrounded by my three dogs in our office that was once my childhood bedroom. Today is a good day with the most amazing sunrise this morning and unbelievable views from our livingroom picture window.  I am thankful.

  My becoming an artist was a decision that arrived later in life.  Married with three children, a family member became ill. Ill not in a way most people would assume.  It is an illness that is not acknowledged enough or understood.  We sure did not understand it and went many years searching and learning.  The illness I am talking about is mental illness. It is painful, scary and unpredictable.

    During that period we discovered NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which provided vital information and support to our family.  I have always wanted to thank NAMI and this year decided to raffle a painting with all proceeds going towards them.

  Today is a good day.  The family member who is ill at is also doing well and we are thankful. And it was from that dark period that I emerged as an artist.   When everything was unraveling and I had hit rock bottom, it was time for a change.   Taking inventory of my life, I realized that the most joyful moments came from creating art and I was in place where I needed that joy for balance.   The above painting is titled "Joy" and raffled proceeds are going to NAMI.

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