Monday, January 3, 2011

Yesterday was an amazing day! After two weeks of winter break, I finally managed to get myself back into the studio. This painting was the last homework assignment I did for my portrait class. We had a class critique and I was given several suggestions for improvement. Yesterday I managed to make those changes and feel like the painting is almost complete. Sometimes it is so hard to make myself drive out to the studio.But when I drive out there I am transformed. The spring is my favorite time of year with the emerald fields. My drive out there includes rolling hills full of grazing Holsteins and sheep. Once I get to the studio it is almost impossible to leave. I kept telling myself "only ten more minutes" but the hours slide by. When I finally walked out the door, I was met by the most beautiful sunset. My studio sits on a hill overlooking a valley towards the Sonoma Mountains. There were low rain clouds sitting on the hillsides glowing pink from the rays of the setting sun. The air was cold and clean.

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I LOVE the picture! But I don't understand what that is by th women.